About me

iam 28, have one husband (hope we are a happy couple 'till death do us a part-amien), have 2 son the oldest is name danendra 3,5 and daniswara 2...they are so charming..
and i wanna plan to having 1 more kids...a beautiful girl...comming soon..=)


hmm..selain full time mom, gw jg sebagai fashion designer, fashion stylish and have my own butik online sheshe butik and will have my new web coming soon..doain ya..
trus selain itu jg gw aktif di organisasi2 yg ada di rmh.
psst gini2 gw ketua posyandu lho..(termuda) hohoho...

I am so fashionable. my style cenderung ke girly & funky style..(tapi teteup..di rmh ya suka dasteran bo..hehehe..make it comfortable..)

How do u thing 'bout being fashionable:
Buat gw, being fashionable tdk hrs wearing an expensive stuff, yang murmer pun ngga masalah asal kita pintar memilih barang + mix and match nya dan terutama we must feel confident and be your self.
Ikutin trend jg ga masalah itu sah2 saja asal kita bisa memilih mana yang cocok dengan style dan body kita jadi tidak terlihat termakan mode.

'Bout your Blog:
U know what..tadinya gw paling muales bgt nulis2 kaya gini. Awal bikin blog ya buat bisnis butik online gw sj..tapi tambah lama jd interest jg deh buat blog pribadi yg bisa share ide2, curhatan hati...terutama bahas ttg fashion..
I love fashion so much..

Shoes, Clothes, Pants Size :
For shoes: 38/ 39. Clothes : M, Pants : 27/28

"bout my hobbies:
I like beading...singing (in the bathroom..hehehe), read the book (all kind of book), Traveling, Wisata Kuliner, Shopping, Massage at salon or Spa, Chatting, goes to mall and Museum, clubbing with my friends

The cosmetic, perfume tha t you like:
My cosmetic are maybeline and Body Shop....
for perfume my fav are body shop and clinique...

What is your dream:
I wanna be a great & wealthy woman..as a great mom, great wife, and great sister.
my boutique is going to success and have my own a runway show...

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