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Hi Ladies....i've got info about INACRAFT 2009

Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair or INACRAFT 2009 will be re-organized on April 22 - 26, 2009 at Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center. Such a handicraft trade fair which has been held for 11 years is always expected and intended by Indonesian people and overseas importers who are mainly the visitors to INACRAFT. Moreover, it is a routine visit agenda for overseas tourists, which is currently being promoted and encouraged by the government through the Department of Culture and Tourism.
INACRAFT 2009 will remain to be focused on its central theme "From Smart Village to Global Market" by emphasizing the sub theme "Inspiring People to Care about the Environmentally Friendly Handicraft". Basically, it is assumed that the Indonesian handicraft products will be accepted by the international people and have a high selling point for the international market. In other words, INACRAFT provides opportunities for developing more potential creative economy in line with the current program of government.

if you want to have more information about INACRAFT 2009 please klik in here ya INACRAFT 2009

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