In Love with Batik : High Tea Fashion by Danar Hadi 15-17 Oct 09

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I wanna write down my report about my Fashion Show invitation @Grand Sahid Hotel on Thursday - Saturday, 15-16 October 2009... (sorry if I am not upload photo quickly..because I had a lot of things to do yesterday..)

Theme of the fashion Show is "In Love with Batik" (note: sorry if that pic looks blur..because I use my Blackberry to sho0t that show)

PT Batik Danar Hadi, a leading producer of batik clothing in Indonesia, tried to help improve that knowledge
The first day of the show featured 18 women’s hand-painted and hand-stamped batik pieces designed by Ainun Nisyah, Priyo Octaviano and Denny Wirawan.

Ainun Nisyah, Danar Hadi’s in-house fashion designer, showcased modified kebaya (an Indonesian traditional blouse) with knee-length sarongs. Using hand-woven batik of brilliant colors, typical of the Cirebon area Central Java, Ainun’s dresses had a feminine yet casual flair that does not look out of place in formal occasions.

Priyo Octaviano, a young Indonesian fashion designer, presented hand-woven and chiffon blouses with bold, intricate patterns of Parang Sarpo, a batik motif created by artists of the Mangkunegaran palace in Solo, Central Java, which were combined with miniskirts or fitted trousers.

Glamor seemed to be the keynote of Denny Wirawan’s fashion style. He transformed silk and chiffon with patterns of Djawa Hokokai and Lokcan, a Chinese influenced motif, into flowing blouses accentuated with oversized bows, and elegant empire-cut dresses. Gemstone and bead appliques on the neckline give a luxurious feel to the pieces.

the second day Danar Hadi show their collection again..and the ladies from Jakarta socialite has being the model to presented Danar Hadi from Denny Wirawan design collection..

This Old Lady presented how to making Batik from Canting and the candles..

Here is the farious Batik designand here I am the fashionista hehe..LOL
I wear: Syal and bangle are from Sheshe butik, Green dress from Arithalia, Shoes from Ninewest, Bag from Gucci
Location: Toilet Grand sahid Hotel ('s important to share the location?)

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