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How was your day everybody..?

Me?of course I'm Fine always..hoho...
So..what the topic that I wanna write today?*beside my to late Valentines Day and Happy Chinese Year greetings hehe..

When I was enjoying my Afternoon Hot Chocolate in my Lovely table dinner...
Suddenly, I was thinking about : how if I'm writing some new article about Beauty and Healthy tips too in my u know that I always wrote about Fashion article right?so why don't we also share about Beauty and Healthy tips...

yeaah..just made me feel not boring to my blog...No..No..I didn't mean that writing my blog is such a boring activity..I love my blog a lot..but I just wanna making something new...with added the new article

owkey..without a long conversation now I wanna share about "Bright your underarm Skin"

We must find out the cause of why our underarm Skin looks so dark?
this is several matters of the cause
  • Tight clothing...which consequently leads to dark armpits.
  • Your deodorant...hmm...deodorant?yup..maybe your skin is so sensitive or your deodorant contained alcohol or the excessive chemical
  • Sweat was abundant
  • and maybe the shortage of the cleanliness of the body

So lets prevent with:
  • Do Scrubbing to your body min twice a week
  • Always drink mineral water min 10-12 glasses per day
  • Spread Vitamin E to your body
Do it at your home with natural remedies

- Lemons : can whitening your underarm skin because of containing quite strong acid
- Backing Soda: after you had a shower spread Backing Soda to your underarms skin
- Coconut Oil: Yup..coconut oil contained vitamin E for removing the dead skin

So why don't you try that...happy trying all....

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