DJ Milinka

gara-gara teman gw nih..hehehe...;)
iya gw emang fans sama DJ Milinka gara-gara gw pernah dengar dia bawain Starlight nya Muse and of course on her DJ version dong..
tapi gara-gara teman gw juga yang bilang he is the most fans of DJ Milinka.
so...I Vote DJ Milinka too..and I dedicate this video for him..(for my friends whose fans DJ Milinka so much..)

oya Vote for DJ Milinka ya Ladies....

REDMA voting already started since 20th March upto 20th April 2009, send your vote for Milinka - BEST DJ OF THE YEAR 2009.
SMS to: 7337
type: REDMA 1G
(G from Golf)

gw Bukan iklan or promosi jg ngga kenal sama Milinka..tapi gw suka, gw fans tapi ngga se-fans teman gw ini..=P...kira-kira teman gw baca ngga ya...hehehe

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