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At session two, Fashion Weeks 2009 is special presented The Moslem Fashion.
There are % designer from APPMI such as: Yessi Riscowati (Ranti by Yessi), Hennie Noer, Merry Pramono, Iva Lativah, dan Irna Mutiara.
a different nuances that their dedicated at the runway fashion show

Yessi Riscowati was inspiration from African women with beads ornament and the embroidery had a traditional motive Africa with using the color of nature such ad brown, and green.

Hennie Noer was enchanted with Greece style. We can see from accsen vertical line or horizontal.
Emotional Atmosphere is theme for Merry Pramono collection. Her design are combination between Spain and The Midle east costume.

Iva Latifah made the theme Flowering for her collection. she used painting, with embroider and beads for created the motive of the flower. She also used soft Organdi material for her clothes.

Meanwhile Irma Mutiara with her collection with theme Ode to Life which is made combination between feminin and maskulin style with old and modern details.

On session third, Lenny Agustin unveiling her Playfulife collection under the label Lennor, Lenny Agustin stays true to Lennor’s design philosophy of being a contemporary casual wear with Indonesia’s traditional textiles as the main element.

With a definitive touch of Japan’s Harajuku fashion and the Japanese cosplay characters that ply the area, the Playfulife collection was inspired by the dynamic and expressive youth culture.

According to Lennon’s press notes, this collection gathered various motifs from shadow puppets, traditional dolls, and Indonesian flora and fauna, transforming them into new silhouettes and shapes through print batik techniques.

Traditional textiles such as jumputan, lurik, tenun and sarong in bright colors were used to express the Harajuku fashion culture that is unique to Japan.

Lenny Agustin who always infuses playfulness in her designs also utilizes local textiles such as batik, lurik and tenun as a tribute to Indonesia. Her consistent use of Indonesian textiles caught the attention of the Japanese fashion industry who invited her to participate in this year’s Japan Fashion Week held last January.


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haloo mba cilya..
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Cilya "Sheshe" said...

Hai Mba Nia, iya boleh kok...
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Maaf ya baru liat soalnya jarang buka blog saya yang ini...=)

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