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Four Designer Indonesia has presented their collection on the session four. There are Rudy Chandra, Susan Zhuang, Harry Lam, and Vicky Soetono.

We can see a various design on their collection and plain design looked dominated..

Sunny City Chic that Rudy Chandra name it for his collection. Rudy presented dress for cocktail party with simple and modern silhouette style, is suitable for modern woman.

Susan Zhuang name theme for her collection "Techno Fling". Methalic color so dominated such as electric blue, silver and red methalic. She choose Mini dress with simple design for her collection.

Meanwhile Harry Lam collection with theme "Passionate Journey" put forward mini dress with pale color for cocktail party like cream, beige and soft brown with shiny and golden accent so dominated his collection.

"Why Not" that theme that Vicky Soetomo choose for his collection. Took the inspiration from fashion trend The year of some fifty with The cabaret girl sexy costume. Vicky Was successful made that clothes with modern touch. However, the brave color always he continue to be maintained such as red, black and shocking pink.

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