Christmas Ornament by Sheshe Butik

1:19 PM
hello there, Christmas day is almost come..confusing to buy some gift to your lovely person?
why you not try to give this unique Christmas ornament...all is handmade..

you can click here..yup Sheshe Butik collection..

the cute hanging door with tree shapes...but this is only for refrigerator magnetic...
if you wanna buy this price only IDR. 15.000 or U$.3 per pcs size 6 cm, wow...that is not expensive right?

or this ginger?only IDR. 20.000 per pcs or U$ 4
Santa..Santa..Ho Ho Ho...only IDR.15.000 or U$ 3

Cute Stocking only IDR 20.000 or U$ 4.

Little white Stocking only IDR.15.000 or U$ 3

a gorgeous Angels only IDR 20.000 or U$ 4
wow..Reindeer only IDR.20.000 or U$ 4

Another Hanging Door only IDR.25.000 or U$ 5

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